Ice Cream - Bergmann Confectioneries

Icecreams, Icecream sundaes

All of our icecreams are made of natural ingredients with traditional gourmet methods, providing exceptional bases for our magnificient icecream sundae selection.

As it was said by one of our regulars: „The best icecream is here”

The Bergmann Confectionery is proud of having such icecream and icecream selection because all of our guest can choose among more than a dozen delicious icecreams.

Two of our icecream specialities include Mozart icecream which is made of chocolate icecream with roasted wallnut pieces and sour cherry or Mimosa icecream which is based on the idea of Mimosa cake.

The real lovers of icecreams can choose everyday a new combination from our wide selection of icecreams and sundaes. For example, our toppings include; caramel dressing, roasted almond and walnut pieces. Our toppings are even irresistable to the most strict of dieters.:)

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