Bergmann Cukrászda és Kávéház Balatonfüred Zsigmond u. 1.

Teas at the of Bergmann Teahouse

"If you drink tea you forget about the fuss of everyday’s life”-according to the chinese proverb; that’s why we should never forget to relax by a lovely cup of tea.
Tea is one of the most liked refreshing drink all over the world. It can be consumed cold and hot, in the morning and at night, for a refresher, for relaxing. Children and adults can enjoy all our teas.
The 2 main types of tea are black and green tea. The only difference is the processing method and the fermentation method. The black tea is fermented for a long period of time and the green tea is not fermented at all. Besides the traditional black teas and green teas we offer a variaty of flavored black teas, rooibos teas, fruit teas with pieces of fruits, and wellness teas.

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